Realtime Results

from the Control Room to the Board Room

About Us

Realtime Results specializes in advising and assisting Organisations to move from treating this information as a niche component, to integrating it into their mainstream Business systems.

We advise on a number of areas, including:

  • Process Management Systems
  • Realtime Data capture
  • Realtime Data Management
  • Realtime Information Integration
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Management by Exception
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Realtime Business Improvement/Intelligence
  • Realtime Data Visibility

We have considerable experience with OSIsoft’s RtPMTM solution and its associated software. Consequently, we can also provide Project Management services and Software Engineering/Development for special projects, large or small, relating RtPMTM and IT Monitor systems, as well as support and training.

Our expertise covers a number of fields, primarily related to Realtime Information.

Over the last 26 years, we have been involved in the process of capturing and managing realtime data, and the subsequent display and reporting needed to provide users throughout an Organisation the timely, relevant information they need.

The capture, management and visibility of realtime information places significant demands on Organisations to implement the appropriate infrastructure and the maximise the potential value of such information.

This is highly relevant in today’s “realtime” society and business demands.

Let Realtime Results assist and guide your Organisation to the best solution, based on a sound infrastructure.