Realtime Results

from the Control Room to the Board Room

Realtime Results is focused on working with Organisations to add real value to your existing OSIsoft PI SystemTM.

You have already invested significant time and money into providing your Organisation with the best real-time Infrastructure available.

Significant business benefits are lost, if the PI System does not become a key component to your Continuous Improvement program.

Let us assist you in maximising the value of this core asset with added value realtime applications and services. Applications may include:

  • Realtime modelling for Condition based maintenance (CBM) of your high-value assets
  • Realtime modelling for Operational performance
  • Realtime costings for Operational savings
  • Realtime modelling for improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

We have already achieved this for our Clients. Let us achieve similar benefits for your Organisation.

A wide variety of industrial and manufacturing customers are supported including:

Updated 9th March 2010